Moonlight, Scotland, Tahoe and Warriors. OH MY!

There is nothing like a little extra motivation to get me back where I want to be and today, that motivation would be entering my next four races!


First up on the agenda, Moonlight Madness which is a nice local 5K at my favorite local running spot.  As its name suggests, it is a night race…though with an 8 pm start time I am not exactly sure how dark it will really be but it will certainly be a ton of fun.  One thing is for sure, the race will challenge me…after all, this park is where I regularly submit myself to the torture of hill training. 


Next, the Oban Games hill race.  Oban as in Scotland.  That’s right!  I will be doing an actual hill race at a real Scottish games in August.  The race is only two miles long but has a 600’ elevation change.  In my favor:  I train a significantly higher elevation AND I have access to big elevation changes.  So the chick who hates hills of course going to run up one for fun…in a foreign country…while on holiday.  AWESOME!


This will be followed by the 10K portion of the Lake Tahoe Marathon series in September.  This promises to be a tough race but still very doable.  Plus I have a great group of friends who are also running and that helps a lot.  Bring on the high elevation and the hills!


And finally, my absolute favorite of the bunch:  the Warrior Dash.  This is 3.15 miles of pure hell, complete with mud pits, water filled trenches, cargo nets, climbing walls and even leaping over fire.  And once you survive, I mean finish, we get to celebrate with beer and music.  I threw this one out on Facebook to see if any of my girlfriends would come.  I was half joking but much to my amazement and pure delight, I now have a small army of warrior women who are all signed up and ready to tackle the mud and the muck with me.  It is going to be a blast.


As for my other issues, with the tournament done and characterized as a resounding success by everyone involved (more on that in another post), and the resolution of other issues in my life plus some much needed rest, I am doing better.  In fact, I have been out running all week and getting in my regular work out.  I am still a little shaky, but vastly improved.  I feel that I am finding my balance again.