Finally: The scale and I have an understanding.

Smokey and I last night practicing Super Vertical...It is hard to look attractive while you are running down a dock screeming "GO GO GO!" unless you are the dog, who is quite cute!

My scale and I have a love hate relationship.  I love it when it says what I want it to and hate it the rest of the time.  Over the last few months I have lapsed into a pattern of weight loss that is nothing short of frustrating for a goal oriented individual such as myself:  Scale hovers right within the same five pounds for 3 weeks or so then makes a sudden dramatic drop over the course of the next 7-10 days.  Repeat.  Repeat.
And thus, for nearly three weeks I have been hovering at 215 lbs.  Never less than 215 lbs but never more than 218 lbs either.  I work out hard.  I eat well.  I drink enough water to hydrate an elephant.  No movement.  It is awesome.  Not.  I understand the impact of water weight, muscle recovery, hormones and the like.  It doesn’t mean I have to like it.


I had a feeling over the weekend that the big drop was coming.  It started when I comfortably headed out the door in three different pairs of size 14 pants from three different designers, despite the fact that I have been very consistently a size 16 for the last month or so.  The change was dramatic enough that I once again had to clear out my closet, retiring all but one pair of size 18 jeans that run rather small and look amazing.   


As if the clothes weren’t enough, there was the sudden return of the flapping belly.  It is saggy, droopy and has the consistency of a deflated balloon.  And it makes noise when I work out hard.  Awesome.  But as I said yesterday, I know it will tighten up.  I’m over it and I am wearing super tight shaper underwear to work out in to minimize all that crazy movement.


Then came the ravenous hunger.  I am sure this is some sort of strange survival instinct that doesn’t take into account my fat chick status.  I think it goes something like this:  Weight comes off faster than usual obviously means I am starving so therefore I should eat anything and everything in my path.  Body, I assure you we are NOT starving and we are NOT going to die.  Get over it.  Of course, I did devour a half dozen grilled jalapenos stuffed with fat free cream cheese faster than you can say, “Vegetarian” just moments before I said this.


And then it happens…I step on the scale expecting to once again to see those same three numbers:  2-1-5 and it is 212.  Then it is 211.  And then it sticks at 209.  TWO-OH-NINE.  Seriously, I was thrilled with the 212 but 209?  There was an actual Zumba party in my bathroom the third time it came up on the scale. 


This means that a) I have accomplished my current short term goal of getting under 210 lbs and b) I am within 10 lbs of my next major milestone:  getting under 200 lbs.  I honestly don’t remember the last time I was under 200 lbs.  I know that I listed my weight as 180 lbs on my driver’s license when I changed my name after getting married in 1999 but even then it was the wishful thinking of “if I put it on my driver’s license, it will magically happen.”  Look how well THAT turned out. 


Anyway, the next round of goals shall be:


  1. Get under 200 lbs (duh)
  2. Consistently get into a size 14 (and the occasional size 12???)
  3. Log  20-25 miles a week
  4. Finish a 5k in under 34 minutes
  5. Enter my next 10k