Hyperactivity, Pencil Skirts and Whole Foods

Karen and I four weeks before boot camp! And no, I don't know why I am smiling like that.

Fitness boot camp was pretty awesome this morning.  My abs protest the relentless onslaught of crunches, sit ups, oblique twists and planks but since that absolutely adorable new pencil skirt is already significantly looser after just a week and a half, I could not be happier to hear them protest.  In fact, despite a little soreness here and a little stiffness there, I feel amazing.  And while I am feeling amazing and a bit introspective while nibbling on a slice of my homemade zucchini blueberry loaf, I thought I would share five lessons I have learned thus far on my adventure to health and fitness.


Lesson 1:  Hyperactivity is not limited to children.  The more fit I get, the more I wonder how it is that I was never classified as a hyperactive child.  I have so much energy that I have been caught skipping up and down the race lanes impatiently waiting for flyball tournaments to start.  I am told that I was very energetic and enthusiastic before but now I am just downright frightening.   Then again, as a child my parents had me involved in 50,000 different activities… Coincidence?  I think not.

Lesson 2:  Losing weight is expensive.  Running is free.  I am also fortunate that my gym is free. Thanks to Groupon, my boot camp was almost free.  And while my weekly food expense has decreased (My experience:  soda and processed foods cost more than most whole foods), I have dropped six dress sizes which is requiring regular turnover in apparel.  My professional ware is donated to local women’s groups.  I am shopping smart, starting with friends’ closets and the clearance rack but I long for that super cute and chic Ann Taylor suit…  But those really cute 3” slingbacks from Ralph Lauren I have been hiding in the back of my closet now look and feel amazing.

Lesson 3:  Spanks are nothing short of a miracle.  One of my biggest mental and emotional struggles as I lose weight has been loose skin.  Loose, flapping skin that occasionally slaps other loose skin and makes noise while doing mountain climbers on your yoga mat in the middle of fitness boot camp.  The first time this happened with loose belly skin, I cried.  Hard.  While I knew I looked healthier and dare I say it, damned good, in my clothes these rolls of skin where I previously had none (I was always fortunate that way) were nothing short of traumatic.  My body caught up then and it will catch up again but until then, Spanks are my very best friend.

Lesson 4:  Dogs like fit parents.  Having energetic canines who compete in a wide array of dogs sports, we are no stranger to conditioning.  But apparently, I am a much more fun dog mom now that I will actually run long distances, versus casually walking for a couple miles and throwing a ball.  The result?  Flyball times and dropping and dock jumping distances are increasing.  Most importantly, the dogs are happy and tired.  Tired dogs are well behaved dogs.  It is a win/win situation.

Lesson 5:  Whole foods rock.  Not the store (though the store is pretty cool), but the actual foods:  unprocessed fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, eggs and the like.  Low sodium, less sugar, more goodness and no chemicals I can’t pronounce let alone identify.  I mean, seriously, does strawberry yogurt need to be pink and blueberry a weird shade of purple?  When I mix fresh berries with my plain non-fat yogurt at home, the yogurt doesn’t change colors but is just as tasty.  There is 240mg of sodium per serving of chickpeas in the LOW sodium can but only 5mg when made at home from dried chickpeas.  Even better, portion sizes are often a big bigger than their processed counterparts which for a fat chick like me who loves to eat is very nice.  Plus for me as an individual, I find that I am more full, more satisfied and amazing food tastes better.  If we are what we eat, I would rather be known as free range Liz than a Yellow 5, Polydextrose, Propylene Glycol Monoesters version of myself.

What is in store for tomorrow?  Yoga and trying to find a vegetarian dining option at a cattle event.  I suspect I will be hiding tofu in my handbag…