I hate rest days…

My Racing Shoes

Today is my rest day.  I hate rest days.  I always feel like I should be doing something.  Of course, at this point in my life I am genuinely surprised that with the amount of energy and the level of activity I keep on a daily basis that I wasn’t diagnosed with hyperactivity as a child.  Then again, my parents used to keep me insanely busy.  Perhaps there was a reason for that.

Rest days are essential but it doesn’t change the fact that I would like to go for a nice long run right now.  Heck, I would even settle for 30 minutes on the elliptical with the latest issue of “Runner’s World.”  But after six days of intense physical exercise (combined with a very challenging work week!), even I in my obsessive and over the top energetic state realize that I need at least one day to recover.  Of course, the fat chick in me says, “Didn’t you get enough rest skipping Zumba on Tuesday and ballroom dancing on Wednesday?”  The answer is of course an emphatic no.  So let’s take an inventory of what I did this week:

Saturday:  Ran a 10K, flyball practice with the dogs, swimming with the dogs

Sunday:  60 minute fitness boot camp orientation and a 30 minute run

Monday:  60 minutes of fitness boot camp, 60 minutes of Zumba

Tuesday:  60 minutes of fitness boot camp, 30 minute run on hills, skipped Zumba

Wednesday:  60 minutes of fitness boot camp, 45 minute run on hills

Thursday:  60 minutes of fitness boot camp, 45 minute run on hills, 60 minutes of Zumba

And I feel great.  Well, I am a little sore in areas I didn’t realize could be sore after boot camp but really I feel great and can’t wait to do it all again but looking at the schedule, I realize just how very much I probably need this day of rest…even if said day of rest has involved a lot of running at the office and some mellow dock jumping competition this evening with the dogs.

So for fun while I am theoretically resting, let’s go over today’s ever so tasty menu of goodness which features many, many fabulous locally grown ingredients purchased at this week’s Farmer’s Market (conveniently located 50 feet outside my office door!):

My delicious strawberry salad!

Breakfast:  My favorite smoothie, which is a delectable blend of fat free Fage Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, spinach, banana, almond milk and a little protein powder

Morning Snack:  More Fage Greek yogurt with blueberries and pumpkin flaxseed granola

Lunch:  Leafy green strawberry salad with walnuts and a touch of fat free feta cheese

Dinner:  Carol’s amazing homemade Gazpacho and grilled veggies

Oh, and I treated myself to a non-fat latte at Starbucks and it was ever so delicious.

And while I am frustrated to just relax today, let’s not forget that tomorrow I am running with the girls at Kaia FIT, going to flyball practice and competing in dock jumping.  All will be right with the world again.  Have a great weekend, all!