Boot Camp Day 3: Protein Smoothies, Sloths and S&M

Today's snack? Fresh Cherries! AMAHZING!

I signed up for an all girls fitness boot camp for two reasons:  first there was a killer deal on Groupon and second I am a proponent of changing up the workout routine from time to time.  Okay, there was a third reason too:  they look like so much fun!  Oh and a fourth:  I am insane.

So this past Monday I woke up at 3:45 am, pulled my protein smoothie out of the fridge and ever so sloth-like made my way to assigned meeting place for my group.  The first day was tough.  The second day was tougher.  The third day featured my most favorite physical activity ever:  RUNNING!  Seriously, I went from sleepy stretching to ease the pain from tight shoulders to enthusiastically bouncing up and down at the start line.  Sure, we had run every day to warm up but today running would be the primary focus and I could barely contain myself.

Little did I know that today’s work out would be designed to kill us all off…

Seriously, who thinks of this stuff?  I mean I know I start my races to Rihanna’s “S&M” but come on…

Here is how the morning started:

  • Run two laps on a 400m course.
  • 4x – 100M run, 20 lunges
  • 4x – 200M run, 20 push ups
  • 4x – 400m run, 20 sit ups
  • 3 sets of 12, selecting from your target area exercises learned on Day 1 and 2
  • Timed 100M laps

But just when you think we should be sprawling out on yoga mats stretching our bruised and battered bodies, there was one final round of the most blissful piece of hell of I have ever enjoyed.  Seriously.  I really enjoyed this:

  • 20 hop squats
  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 15 skaters
  • 15 mountain climbers
  • 15 snow boarders (squats changing directions)
  • 10 running mans
  • 10 squat thrusts
  • 5 of these 8 part squat thrust/push up/plank things that are deliciously evil
  • 400m run

And we did it for time.  Miraculously, I finished in less than 7 minutes (6:56 to be exact).  It wasn’t all pretty, of course.  I repeatedly landed on my knees during the last bit of voluntary torture and nearly fell over once during the snowboarder squats.  I will also admit that on the third rep of that 8 part thingy, I wanted to curl up in the fetal position under my car but I did run!

Like any sane fat chick, I stretched with the team then headed out for three miles of running hills.  Surprisingly, despite a little stiffness in my quads (what else is new) and soreness in my shoulders (again what else is new), I feel awesome!

And as for my wildebeest eating tendencies yesterday?  I curbed the beast within by following up the work out with a hearty scramble of four eggs (uh yeah, you read that right FOUR) and a touch of fat free cheddar.  Tragically I was out of spinach and mushrooms; otherwise this would have been 3 eggs (yes THREE.  I like them dammit!).  Still it was a tasty 325 calories of protein rich goodness and no wildebeests were taken down!

Tomorrow’s boot camp agenda?  Yoga.  Awesome!