Eat, Fat Chick, Eat!


Beautiful leafy greens at the farmers market. They are truly fantastic!

I am hungry today and not just the “I am kind of hungry and a brownie sounds good” but the “I could chase down a wildebeest and eat it raw” kind of hunger.  It is the kind of hunger that drove me to consume my typical morning protein smoothie, cereal and skim milk then chase it down with my lunch by 9:00 AM.  The beast within has quieted somewhat though there are still little murmurs of protest.  I am holding out for a late lunch, at which point I will need to figure out what I am going to eat since I just ate my very tasty pre-measured lunch!

Now I know what you are thinking:  Fat chick claims to be hungry when clearly I could stand to miss a meal or too.  Yeah, I get that.  Trust me, I have been known to binge at epic proportions in my day but this isn’t one of those times.  Nope, this is the result of an epic meal planning fail on my part.  As I contemplated (not for the first time this morning) how delicious that pigeon on my window sill might taste with a little olive oil and cumin (thinks the vegetarian), I decided to review ye old food log and it was a little scary. 

Let’s see:  Average calories burned have more than doubled the last week or so by adding two a day work out sessions including an absolutely awesome fitness boot camp and kicking up the running distance.  Average calories consumed haven’t changed.  Meaning?  I have been netting less than 900 calories a day for days on end and apparently ignoring my inner fat chick who is clearly screaming at the top of her lungs, “Feed me, dammit!”  And for once, I should be listening.  Oops.

Now, this doesn’t mean I am going to fill the void with cupcakes, Doritos and lattes.  Far from it!  Instead, I will be enjoying some extra nuts and avocado (I will use any excuse to eat more avocado!) along with a colorful display of fruits and veggies.  And hopefully THAT will calm the beast within while I continue on my journey to become a more fit me.

Fantastic tomatoes from local area farmers. Does it get much better?