Ramblings: Getting caught up!

My little punk, Drew

After a long harrowing week of training, I am back and ready to get down to business.  Well, sort of.  But here we go, anyway.

First, a not so quick dog sport report from the weekend.  A couple of the girls and I headed down to a flyball tournament in Gridley with twelve dogs in tow.  This is a different organization than we typically compete in, but one with which we are familiar with.  We were looking forward to running just one team (instead of six) and laying down some good times on fast mats in singles and pairs racing. 

It takes at least five people, preferably six, to run a team so with only three of us in attendance we hooked up with another team who was equally shorthanded and between the two teams fielded three teams, three pairs teams and several singles.  Believe it or not, this is still a light schedule for us-leaving us plenty of time to socialize and even volunteer for the host team (more on that later).

Saturday, we won our division with Singe (Border Collie), Smokey (Parson Russell Terrier), Crush (Borderjack) and Nike (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever).  Our pairs team Kilts on Fire, which featured Singe and Nike, won the fastest pairs award.  Drew (Parson Russell Terrier) may have only had the second fastest singles time of the day, but he blew us away and broke the breed record!  He is currently the #1 PRT in U-FLI singles racing of all time!   I could not be proud of my little punk!

Sunday, we won our division again, this time with Singe, Crush, Nike and Drew and a little help from the back up, Emma (who for the first time in her very long career allowed someone OTHER than me to handle her!).  We had the fastest singles and pairs times for the day as well.  Obi and Smokey ran on a pick up team with the other team.  Smokey laid out a new personal best of 4.683 seconds and Obi was his usual perfect self. 

At smaller tournaments such as this one, the host club relies on competitors to fill in doing box and line judging.  So when we weren’t running or walking out dogs, we worked.  It is fun and really the best seat in the house.  And for those of us used to running non-stop, a welcome change of pace!  This tournament had a raffle for the volunteers featuring cases of beer and soda, chilled to perfection PLUS a free team entry into their September tournament.  We won that too.  PRETTY AWESOME!

I am so proud of the dogs and my team.  We had so much fun and are forever grateful to the other teams who we worked with all weekend.  The spirit of good sportsmanship and comraderie was amazing at this tournament.

I also have to add that we ate very well again.  There was no crap at the RF Revolution camp.  Plenty of whole foods, healthy snacks and premeasured out meals.  And some amazing homemade cheese thanks to Ann!  I am finding that I am more frequently just living the lifestyle change than trying to live it.  For example, when the host club was handing out slices of a very delicious looking chocolate cake I didn’t event hesitate to politely turn it down.  I certainly didn’t feel tempted or even remotely deprived.  On the late night drive home Sunday, I grabbed my sugar free Red Bull at the gas station and left without giving the snack aisle a second look.  This in particular is huge as I have previously treated myself to salty, crunchy, chocolaty goodness on long drives…out of boredom.  Yup, living the lifestyle.

Second, I have taken my meal prep to a whole new level because apparently I am just not busy enough.  Last night, not only did I prepare my own bulk edamame and hard boiled eggs to be used in salads and snacks throughout the week but I prepared chickpeas…from scratch.  Um, yeah.  I actually soaked and boiled my own chickpeas.  Why?  I am frustrated by the sodium levels in canned beans.  Really?  460mg of sodium per serving?  And 230mg in the “Low Sodium” option?  But if I take the time to prepare it myself 10 mg per serving.  TEN. 

Third, today has been a particularly tasty day so I thought I should share…

The day started off with Greek yogurt, strawberries, bananas, spinach and a little Truvia blended into an ultra tasty smoothie.  It was the envy of my co-workers on our walk in. 

My morning snack included granola with walnuts and flax seed, fresh strawberries and a little yogurt to pull it all together.  Can we say YUMMY?

Granola and Strawberries pre Yogurt


Lunch?  A salad consisting of spinach, pumpkin seeds, edamame and a little fat free feta (I love CHEESE!) with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  This was served with leftover eggplant and rigatoni with a little olive oil, garlic and a touch of parmesan (again, I love cheese!).   

The Tasty Spinach Salad

Pretty darned tasty, right?  Well, it was to me anyway.

Fourth, I had a nifty incident at work last week in regards to my increasing physical fitness.  I was actually pulled out of a meeting by the head nurse on property who just couldn’t wait to tell me how great I am looking.  She could hardly wait for me to finish my lecture so she could weigh and measure me herself.  Normally I would be put off by this, but I have been taking a certain level of pride in shocking the hell out of people these days.  It was pretty awesome. 

Fifth, I ran today and feel awesome.  Very little fatigue from running on the mats over concrete at the tournament.  It also probably helps that I actually took a day of rest yesterday to try and avoid burnout this week.  After all, I am not tapering for the 5K on Monday but that doesn’t mean I need to kill myself either.  I do have an hour of Zumba tonight…

Sixth, despite the partying of the weekend prior and some sodium intake issues before I left for the tournament I still registered a loss this week.  I tossed out 3/4 of the panty inventory and did a little shopping while in California.  Let’s put it this way: there was no X anywhere on what I picked up at Victoria’s Secret.

Seventh, I apparently am radiating health and fitness to those around me who frequently have commented over the last few weeks that while I was active and happy before, now I am a force to be reckoned with.  I find this both amusing and delightful.  Only 18 lbs until I hit the next major milestone.

There you go.  My life for the past few days.  Boring to some, entertaining to me.  Now back to your regularly scheduled program.