Recovery Run

image The Marina

Flyball was great this weekend but it pretty much leaves me incapable of moving for Monday night Zumba.  Instead uber athlete Drew and I went for a quick run.  A recovery run to stretch out and loosen up after two days of squatting, sprinting, pivoting and sprinting…. no fewer than 288 times.

We set out for a quick 4 miles or so. It was a beautiful cool evening at the marina but the sun set too quickly to get the full run in. Still, it was plenty. I stretched. Drew stretched. We had a great dinner.  Mine was comprised of stir-fried veggies (of all colors and types) with cashews and tofu along with brown rice accompanied by my favorite yellow squash.

I am so ready to tackle Tuesday night Zumba.

Drew looking a little more tired than he’d like me to believe.