The Next Two Runs: Entries Completed

Another exciting day in the life of a fat chick.  Entered the next two runs on my to-do list.  Note I say “run” as opposed to “5K.”  I have entered the No Excuses 5K in California on Memorial Day and will follow it up two weeks later with the 5.8 mile Carson Valley Days run in Nevada. 

That’s right:  5.8 miles.  I have been training diligently to run 10Ks and what better way to work my way into the 6.2 miles than a relatively flat race that is longer than a 5K but shorter than a 10K?  This is a fun, low pressure run so it won’t matter that I am slow.  I just want to finish. 

Both of these runs have the same thing in common:  heat.  The weather is heating up here in Northern Nevada which means it is only hotter in California.  Heat is my nemesis but I am determined not to let it get in the way of getting my running fix, even though I know I will be much MUCH slower.

Goal for No Excuses:  under 38 minutes (yes, I am slow), run continuously

Goal for Carson Valley Days:  under 80 minutes (again, I am THAT slow), run minimum of 4 miles

I will own the pavement this summer.  Now, onto hill training this evening…