Milestone Moment: Fifty Pounds and Four Pant Sizes

That would be ME rockin' a 5K this past weekend.

Fifty pounds and four pant sizes later (well, five depending on the cut of said pants), I have officially achieved my goal for Europe…three months early.  I am actually at the weight my driver’s license claims I am, which is odd since my face now appears so much more slimmer than in that photo <laughs maniacally>.  I stand before you as a stronger, more athletic individual who has rediscovered an intense love of running and the joy of eating real food.  Unfortunately for the team but to the pure joy of the dogs, that means I have even more energy than I did before (VERY SCARY).  I am so going to kick ass in the Highlands and Drew had better get his ass into high gear chasing me down on the flyball course this weekend.

What’s next?  Being a goal oriented individual, I’ve decided why wait until after my trip to start on the next leg of this journey.  The next milestone planned for after my return was to leave the 200’s behind.  I am here, I am motivated and obviously something is working so here we go:  I will achieve that goal BEFORE I leave for Scotland in August.

That would be me in January 2011!