Mama’s got a new pair of shoes!

When I started training for the Carson High Safe & Sober 5K, I made myself a deal:  if I beat my goal time of 45 minutes, I would get myself a brand new pair of REAL running shoes.  I smashed my goal, felt amazing and in addition to entering a few more 5K races in the area, I have started training for a 10K in the fall.  I deserve a great pair of shoes!  Given my failed relationship with big box athletic stores evidenced by many a pair of unused ill fitting running shoes over the years; I sought out a recommendation from running friends for a local area business dedicated to the sport of running.  Everyone had the same answer:  Eclipse Running

As a fat chick, even a reasonably fit fat chick, entering a store specifically dedicated to runners is an intimidating proposition but once I stepped through the door any concerns I had disappeared.  These people were AMAZING.  We discussed my current training program, future goals as well as my previous experience running.  After a detailed exam of my feet and gait, I was presented with a large selection of options just right for me.

I ran, jumped, hopped and pivoted my way through style after style.  To narrow down my options, I went so far as to dance around with a different shoe on each foot.  I examined soles and lacing options.  I even tried to imagine myself running on my nemesis:  the Brockway portion of the Tahoe Rim Trail.  There was a clear standout in the group:  the GT-2160’s from Asics.  They felt amazing from the beginning:  supportive with great cushion, slipping onto my foot like a sock while still feeling like they will stretch with any swelling (hey, it happens to everyone). 

As the very knowledgeable and helpful young lady put my fabulous plum and silver magic running shoes in the bag, I had to laugh.  Years ago when I was fitted for my very first pair of running shoes, I went through a similar procedure.  There was this hideous pair of pink shoes that kept coming to the top of the pile.  I hated the color but I couldn’t get over how well they fit.  Over the years I would log many, many miles on five different pairs of those pink shoes and when they were discontinued, I actually cried because I was sure I would never find another pair as comfortable.  I found them today in their much more attractive (yet still almost pink) younger siblings.  I am apparently an Asics girl through and through!

Now to break these babies in!  And if you ever need anything for running and happen to be in the Reno area, please visit Eclipse Running!