Feel like you are missing something?

Are you feeling like you’re missing something?  Like maybe that race recap for the last race of the Tahoe Trifecta?  No, I didn’t forget you…I’ve just moved over to my self hosted site… Continue reading


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Guess what? We have a new home!

That’s right!  Your favorite fat chick on the run has moved to http://www.runfatchickrun.com!  It’s about time if I do say so myself.  It was getting too complicated to say, “No, the site is… Continue reading

Photo Break!

Shhh…Don’t tell. I haven’t uploaded my Garmin from Sunday’s run. I know, I know. You want race reports and I just can’t bring myself to share without the splits-even if those splits show… Continue reading

Race 4: Nevada Half Marathon (Trifecta 2)

Friday’s half marathon was by all accounts a comedy of errors, except for the part where none of us were laughing. Much. Saturday was certainly far better organized with the only real drama… Continue reading

Race 3: Emerald Bay Half Marathon (Trifecta 1)

Okay, it’s true. I did seriously consider mugging a guy for his pancakes. Seriously, who gets pancakes to go? Or better, who gets pancakes to go and wafts their delicious goodness towards hoards… Continue reading

Trifecta Complete!

Okay, there will be a full recap with photos and splits and amazing tales of mile upon mile momentarily.  I’m sort of missing some critical information…you  know, like official race times (No joke). … Continue reading

Race 2: Half Moon Bay Half Marathon

I highly recommend you do the following before reading this race recap: Get your favorite coffee of choice. I recommend a pumpkin spice latte. Find a comfortable spot to curl up, uninterrupted because… Continue reading

Race 1: Color Me Rad 5K

Holy colorful cornstarch, Batman! Color Me Rad was totally radical, dude! What better way to kick off Race Week 2012 than running through a giant pastel dust cloud with 1,000 of your closest… Continue reading

Let’s all do the wave!

I received this fantastic little update email from the HMBIM with all those important last minute details like this is where you are starting, this is where you shouldn’t park if you want… Continue reading